About Us

About Us

What kind of church is Covenant Church

Covenant Church is a family of followers of Jesus Christ of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. The Orthodox Presbyterian Church is a Christ centered, gospel centered denomination that values the Bible as the inspired Word of God.

The Orthodox Presbyterian Church was formed in 1936 to hold forth and advance Biblical Christianity to the world. 

ORTHO means straight and dox means belief. We go to an orthodontist because we trust he or she to use their dental skill to straighten our crooked teeth, giving them health.

As a body of followers of Christ, we are Orthodox because we are committed to proclaiming and living by the Bible to know Christ personally and to make Him known.
God’s Word is our standard giving us a healthy and vital relationship with Christ.

COVENANT is a Biblical word that describes the Lord taking the initiative to enter into a personal relationship with us. God took the initiative to call Abraham into a personal relationship with Himself in Genesis 12. Covenant is God’s unfailing promise to bring us to Himself through faith in Christ’s saving death on His cross.

PRESBYTERIAN describes our government of leadership for ministry. We believe the Bible teaches that Pastor Frank along with our elders are a shepherding team to care for all the individuals and families in our church family, equipping us to serve the Lord Jesus and each other.

CHURCH is a New Testament word that means those called out from the world by the Sovereign grace of the Lord Jesus Christ to follow and serve Jesus Christ together.

We honor the Westminster Confession of Faith as the detailed doctrinal standard of our church subordinate to the Word of God. Along with other Reformed churches we have great appreciation for the Heidelberg Catechism, the Belgic Confession and the Cacons of Dordt.


Sunday morning worship service is at 10:00am.

Covenant Church meets at 4895 South Calhoun Road in New Berlin, Wisconsin. Click here for directions.