What about the New Church Renovations?

In 2018 we bought what was Calvary Community Church for a very reasonable price along with ten acres of the land the church is located on. Then, for the next two years we planned extensive renovations with an architect. This past year during COVID we carried out all the church renovations.

The Renovations have made our church very inviting, much more accessible and enhanced our visibility to our community. We built a new addition toward the main road our church is on Calhoun Road. This new addition is facing Calhoun Road giving us much more visibility. When you drive into our driveway you will be able to immediately see a newly paved parking lot with approximately 16 parking spaces which provide easy access into our east doors into our church building. A larger parking area may be found on the west side of our church by just continuing to drive on the driveway. This parking area has two new entry doors with a short walking distance.

Our main parking is on the west side of our church which is easily found by just continuing to follow the driveway. Our main driveway was newly asphalted late last fall and our sidewalks were newly cemented. There is convenient and easy access into our church building through two sets of doorways.

Our new addition includes Pastor Frank’s office, a new nursery, a new hallway into the sanctuary, a new Men’s Restroom, Women’s Restroom, a Family Restroom and our secretary’s office. Every part of our building has new signs directing you to where you would like to go, or you can ask the greeters.

Our renovations have made our church very accessible and safe. We gutted and rebuilt our Men’s and Women’s Restrooms doubling their size. We added a Family Restroom with a changing table for families with little ones. We have new carpeting throughout our church including our sanctuary.

We thank the Lord for His faithfulness in enabling us to complete the renovations as we look forward to using our church building to enhance our gospel ministry to believers in Christ and those who are unchurched in our community.

In our Fellowship Center where we have fellowship meals, Bible Studies, friendship events we have renovated our kitchen making it much more accessible and updated our appliances.