What To Expect

What To Expect

Welcome to our What to Expect Page. We trust the content of this page will encourage you.

Recently we renovated our church to make it more accessible and inviting. As you drive into our church, you will find a parking area in the front of church and a larger parking area in the back of church. Both areas of parking are easily accessible.

What To Expect When I Arrive?

You can expect to be greeted warmly at the door and welcomed to our church family. We believe that every person who enters the door is of great worth to the Lord and therefore valuable to us created by the Lord for us to have the privilege to love and serve. You will be handed a worship bulletin and encouraged to sit wherever is most comfortable for you in our sanctuary. We encourage families to worship together, including small children because we believe children learn best how to worship our wonderful God by seeing their parents and our church family worshipping the Lord. If the Lord has blessed you with the gift of children, they are a blessing to us, and we thank the Lord for the privilege to worship with them and share God’s Word with whole families.

As part of our extensive church building renovations, we have a newly built nursery with a new sink, new changing table, new carpeting and toys in the newly built addition. Our nursery is just located outside our sanctuary so that you may go into the nursery with your little one and still be able to hear the worship service. A new speaker system has been installed in our nursery, hallway and fellowship center.
Read more about our recent church renovations.

We also have a larger parking area on the west side of our church building that was newly asphalted and provides easy access into our church through two new doorway entrances.

What Should I Wear?

We invite you to join us as we joyfully, thankfully, reverentially worship our wonderful Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We encourage you to come as you are and to dress in what is comfortable for you.

What About Worship?

As a family of followers of Jesus Christ, the worship of our Great and Gracious God and Savior Jesus Christ is highly valued.

Our worship of the Lord is planned according to the Bible God’s Word and is aimed at giving the Lord our best praise reverentially and joyfully.

Our worship service is orientated around the themes of Adoration, Renewal and Commitment. We respond to the Lord in each theme through prayer, singing, listening to God’s Word the Bible and twice a month expressing our faith in Christ through the Apostles Creed or Nicene Creed.

We worship our Wonderful Redeemer through Hymns from the second edition red cover Trinity Hymnal and more contemporary worship songs that reflect our commitment to God’s Word.

We encourage those in our church family of all ages to use their vocal and instrumental gifts in worship.

We invite you to view a sample of our typical worship service below.

Order Of Worship Example

Morning Worship: 10:00 am
Prelude – please make the first note of the prelude your cue for quiet meditation
Welcome and Announcements

Our Worship and Adoration of Our Great God and Heavenly Father
Call To Worship:  Psalm 96 Oh sing to the Lord a new song; sing to the Lord, all the earth! Sing to the Lord, bless his name; tell of his salvation from day to day. Declare his   glory among the nations, his marvelous works among all the peoples!  For great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised; he is to be feared above all gods.  For all the gods of the peoples are worthless idols, but the Lord made the heavens. Splendor and majesty are before him; strength and beauty are in his sanctuary. Ascribe to the Lord, O families of the peoples, ascribe to the Lord glory and strength! Ascribe to the Lord the glory due his name; bring an offering and come into his courts!  Worship the Lord in the splendor of holiness; tremble before him, all the earth! Say among the nations, “The Lord reigns! Yes, the world is established; it shall never be moved; he will judge the peoples with equity.” Let the heavens be glad, and let the earth rejoice; let the sea roar, and all that fills it; let the field exult, and everything in it!  Then shall all the trees of the forest sing for joy before the Lord, for he comes, for he comes to judge the earth. He will judge the world in righteousness, and the peoples in his faithfulness.

Our Heavenly Father’s Welcome
Prayer for Our Heavenly Father’s Grace and Mercy to Fill Our Lives
Hymn #179; Hallelujah! Thine the Glory  Worship Song #2; Glorify Thy Name 

Our Renewal Through the Gracious Holy Spirit
Responsive Reading: Romans 8:28-39 and Romans 15:13
Congregational Prayer
Hymn #129; I Belong to Jesus 
Our Commitment to Our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ
Tithes and Offering 
Scripture Reading: Jude 17-25
Sermon Title: Experiencing Christ’s Security in Dark Times
Hymn #525; A Child of the King
Hymn #672; Trust and Obey   verse 1

What About the Preaching?

We are a family of followers of Jesus Christ committed to the centrality of God’s Word the Bible.

The proclamation of the Gospel of Christ’s saving grace is an important part of every message. We lift the Sovereign saving grace of the Lord for salvation and growth in knowledge and love for the Lord. Every message is also designed in dependence on the Holy Spirit to build up the faith of believers.  Pastor Frank’s sermons are aimed to explain what the Bible passage means, apply the passage to our daily lives, and to be Christ centered.

How Do I Connect with Others?

At Covenant Church we are a family of brothers and sisters in Christ who walk together in love for Christ and with each other. What a joy and strength it is to encourage, serve, support and pray for each other.

To start if you have never visited us, the best way to connect is to join us for worship. After worship there is a rich time of fellowship with others awaiting you in our Fellowship Center.

We have opportunities for Bible Studies, fellowship and service together.
Another great way to connect is to meet with Pastor Frank or to call him to discover how you can connect with others in vital life transforming gospel centered learning and service.